Aaron and Christina are Married! | Erie PA Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Aaron and Christina’s wedding and like I said in my last blog post, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to start my season with!

I met up with Christina at the Sheraton Hotel where her and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  As you can see, Christina obviously looked beautiful and her dress was gorgeous.

Meanwhile my second shooter, the amazing Alex Ignatiuk of Alex Ignatiuk Photography, was at the church with the guys while they were getting ready (and by getting ready I mean calmly playing cards HA!).

The ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church.

Look how proud and happy Aaron looks to be watching his bride walk down the isle!!

I am absolutely in love with this next picture.  It was just one of those “moments” when we were getting ready to do family portraits in the church after the ceremony and nobody was really paying attention.

After the family portraits we were running short on time but decided to make a dash for the Peninsula for the portrait session.

Alex took this next shot.  I love the lens flare in it!

All of the sudden while I’m taking the bridal party portraits I notice that NOBODY is looking at me. In the split second I was wondering what the heck they were looking at, out of nowhere this massive rottweiler comes up behind me and b-lines for the bridal party.  Thankfully he was nice, but he seriously wanted the bouquets and wasn’t taking no for an answer!! Props to Alex for getting the two “money shots” on the right!! I love Christina’s look of absolute horror in the upper right one!

After the dog fiasco, we resumed the portraits but just a few short minutes later it turned out that the time was up on the limo! Oh no! But we hadn’t had a chance to do bridal portraits yet! So we sent the bridal party back to the reception in the limo while we quickly spent some time with just Aaron and Christina.

For everything that had just happened and being a little rushed, Aaron and Christina were totally calm and rocked it! They were so at ease and playful with each other.

While we were doing the portraits of Aaron and Christina it started to rain (seriously?!?! C’mon!!) so we took shelter in the boat rental hut . Aaron and Christina were not phased a bit by our portrait misfortunes and started to practice their first dance.  I know these aren’t the best photos, but I just thought it was the sweetest thing and had to share!

We arrived at the reception which was held at the Erie Bayfront Sheraton Hotel.  Christina’s sister Caryn made the cake, and it turned out wonderful!!

DJ Greg Anderson kept the dance floor filled all night and Aaron and Christina’s friends are. a. hoot!  I’m going to let the couple share all of the hilarious dance floor photos though 😉

We ended the night with some fireworks photos.  Christina LOVES fireworks, and it just so happens that they were setting them off over the bay for the Mariners Ball which was happening the same night.

I’m so glad that I got to be a part of this couples big day!

To see even MORE photos, check out Aaron and Christina’s video slide show below!

XoX -Nikki


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