Alicia and Joe are Married!!! | Erie PA Wedding Photography

Alicia and Joe’s wedding on June 30th was one of the most calm, fun and easy going weddings I have photographed to date.  I had so much fun spending the day photographing them, I was actually kinda bummed when it was over.  Joe and Alicia are just those kind of people you want to hang out with!

The ceremony was held at Murcyhurst Chapel, which is also where Joe and Alicia finished getting ready.

Alicia actually made all of the bouquets and flower arrangements herself! She did a great job!!

Joe and Alicia decided to do a first look before the ceremony but before the first look we ran into a little blip…  We lost Joe!!!  We searched for almost 15 minutes for him, and it turns out he was waiting patiently the whole time where he THOUGHT we were doing the pictures, and of course, that was the last place everyone looked.  Luckily we found him HAHA!

After the ceremony Alicia wanted to go down to the grotto on Mercyhurts campus with her parents for some photographs.  Alicia and her mom said a little prayer at the chapel and then had a very emotional moment.  It was really sweet.

Alicia actually knew ALL about Mercyhurst campus, and I got a little guided tour as we walked around because it turns out while Alicia attended school there she was an Ambassador for the college.  It’s kinda a big deal if you didn’t know!

This next moment was caught by my wonderful 2nd shooter Alex Ignatiuk.

We had a little time to kill before the reception, so we headed downtown for a couple of drinks at the Tap House and some pics in Modern Tool Square.

Another great shot from Alex:

THEN, Joe and Alicia took us to this really cool barn on the way to the reception.

On Joe and Alicia’s teaser blog I explained how the whole running pictures came into play. I don’t want to keep repeating myself, so you should probably go check out the story which basically sums up how cool Alicia is.

Another great shot from Alex:

The reception was held at Alicia’s parents house in Union City. It was GORGEOUS, and Alicia, Joe and their families did such a wonderful job at setting everything up and decorating.  There were so many cute little details everywhere.

I was absolutely in love with the mis-matched China.

For Joe and Alicia’s first dance, Alicia’s friend sang their song for them, and did a really great job!

Guess who’s waiting for cake!?

Another really great moment was when Joe (who is also a musician) surprised Alicia with a song.

Again, thank you guys for letting me be a part of your day and for being so extraordinarily awesome. I’ll be in contact VERY SOON with your pictures! Can’t wait to share the rest with you!

XoX – Nikki


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